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Brown wood | Brand Identity

Brown Wood

In the heart of Germany, there was a small, unassuming workshop where a father and son shared a passion that transcended generations. It was here, amidst the 'aroma' of sawdust and the 'symphony' of tools, that the tale of Brown wood began. Stephan, inspired by his father's woodworking mastery, felt a deep connection to their family legacy. Together, they had crafted furniture that told stories of artistry and love.

However, Stephan envisioned something more - a brand that could blend tradition with innovation, offering the world pieces that transcended time. As the years passed, Brown wood flourished, just like the mighty trees that supplied the raw materials for their creations. Each piece of furniture was a work of art, a story etched in the intricate grains of wood, the carefully chosen materials, and the meticulous attention to detail.

Recognizing the need to encapsulate Brown wood's unwavering commitment to timeless craftsmanship, we embarked on a journey to design a brand identity that would be a true reflection of Brown wood's heritage.

Brand Logo

In the creation of Brown wood's logo, we drew inspiration from the top view of a section cut of wood. The concentric, irregular rings within the logo are direct adaptations from this natural inspiration. These rings not only pay homage to the organic beauty of wood but also symbolize the growth rings that reveal the age and strength of a tree.

3D Renders

In our quest to bring Brown wood to life, we ventured into the realm of 3D renders for our meticulously crafted furniture pieces. These 3D renders serve as a digital showcase of the brand's creations, providing a vivid and immersive experience of the furniture designs.


Brand Identity - Eyibayo Owoeye

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Brown wood | Brand Identity

Brown wood | Brand Identity

Brown Wood is a brand that beautifully weaves tradition, innovation, and quality into every piece of furniture.