This is an ongoing personal project that I will be updating (hopefully) regularly. There are so many varieties of birds that I thought this would be a great project to experiment with color, texture and shape. This is also a nice way to track my progress. Newer images will appear closer to the top of the page, while old works are at the bottom.

Red-Crowned Cranes
Great Blue Heron ( Ardea herodias )
Spectacled Eider ( Somateria fischeri ) - Common Eider ( Somateria mollissima ) - King Eider ( Somateria spectabilis )
Barn Owl ( Tyto alba )
Mandarin Duck ( Aix galericulata ) - Mallard ( Anas platyrhynchos )
Korean Magpie ( Pica pica serica )
Rose-breasted Grosbeak ( Pheucticus ludovicianus ) - Northern Cardinal ( Cardinalis cardinalis )
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