Creative Expressions
of moments experienced every day 
An artist by heart, I try to visualize each emotion and experience of my everyday life. I sketch and paint to express myself better. My parallel and unknown thoughts are the theme and inspiration for my work. 

These works are are done 2009 onward and can also be my autobiography. 
(Will be updating more works soon).

These titles are my expression. I believe it can connect differently to different people. Will love to hear your expression for these works. 
Mixed Media, 14 X 9 cm
Dance of Life
Mixed Media, 21 X 29 cm
Mixed Media with Water colour, paper and pens; 28 X 18 cm
Breathe New
Mixed Media on Paper with pens, watercolout and Acrylic
Self PortraitPen & Ink, 21 X 29 cm
It Rains
Mixed Media, 12 X 16 cm
Mumbai Dreams
Mixed Media, 14 X 9 cm
Mixed Media, 14 X 9 cm
Mixed Media, 21 X 29 cm