As Arabs, expectations dominate our everyday lives. 

And these are all pressures which create extreme tension that we keep bottled up inside, afraid to speak about it openly 
as it's considered taboo in society.

And during the holy month of Ramadan, when things are supposed to get better, brands put even more pressure on us with 
TV ads that paint a fake, perfect picture of our lives, or ads that tell us to be kinder people, which we already are in Ramadan! 

Coca-Cola didn't want to fall into this same trap...So when no one else in the region did, we went to the root of our tension: 
our struggle to tell each other how we really feel as Arabs.

Through inspiring brand films and the use of powerful social media influencers, we invited the region to OPEN UP.
To speak the unspoken for the first time, and make a real connection with the people they love the most. 

Please watch our series of Online Films below,
featuring well-known influencers from the Middle East and their own #OpenUp stories.
Below are brand films we aired across the region,
featuring real family tensions from everyday life people could easily & deeply relate to.

3 Gold EFFIES - 2015 
COCA-COLA | Open Up.