The Offer (La Oferta, 2010)
A short film by David Martínez Romero

Here you can watch our first short film: The Offer (La Oferta, 2010). Produced, written and directed by David Martínez Romero. This is an independent production, with no financial support from any Spanish or European institution, but the result of the effort made by director/producer and all the team, in order to give life to this project. We really hope you will enjoy it.

We invited Binalogue's David Carrizales to co-conceptualize and direct the title sequence for Martínez' first short film 'La Oferta' while also having Binalogue handle the design, technical direction and postproduction. 

English subtitles. 

After the credits you can watch the main title sequence, the previous animatic and a few pictures from the crew and the film shooting. We are currently working on the making of video, which we include here as soon as we finish it. 


Director, Producer, Writer: David Martínez Romero
Executive producer: David Martínez Romero 
Marta Suárez, Gonzalo Bouza, Antonio de Matteo, Valeria Sánchez, 
Iván Moraleda, Roberto Arón.
Director of Photography: David Andrés -
Assistant Director: Ramon Aller & Raquel Marcos
Production Manager: Ángela Arévalo
Assistant Producer: Pilar Gil
Production Designer: Sara Velázquez -
Design direction: David Carrizales & Marcus Stenbeck -
Graphic design: David Carrizales, Marcus Stenbeck & Sara Velázquez
Editor: Pablo Cambronero -
Technical lead: Álvaro Martín 
3D & Tracking: Álvaro Martín
VFX - Compositing: David Carrizales, Álvaro Martín & Sergio Tomasa
Music: Radar (Christophe Goze & Francis Peyrat) -
Sound Design: Alfonso Hervás
Costumes: Noelia Barberá & Diego Crespo
Make-up: Estíbaliz Ollero
Photographer: Pablo Boto
Camera operator: Alberto Pareja
Colour correction: Miguel Tejerina - REDCAM -
Storyboard artist: Thomas Touron

Title Sequence:
Director: David Carrizales -
Concept: David Martínez Romero, David Carrizales & Marcus Stenbeck

La Oferta - A short film by David Martínez Romero 

Photographs by Pablo Boto, courtesy of Eldorado Entertainment -

The tile sequence represented an ambitious project all by itself. 
In our opinion, it constitutes a great example of the creative and executive capabilitiesof David Carrizales and David Martínez Romero as a team. 
The title sequence animatic, storyboard by Thomas Touron. 
It was such an excitement seeing it by the first time, here you can observe how accurate were we to it.