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Bosch Basics - OO Drill

Industrial Design
Bosch Basics   |   OO Drill
Services   Strategy, Industrial Design, Visualization
Client   Lemanoosh - Concept Project

The objective of the project was to create the first product of a collection aimed at makers who are just starting out, users who love DIY or people who will use tools twice a year to assemble their furniture.

Designed from the ground up, OO Drill takes inspiration from insights into DIY users and the establishment of brands selling unassembled furniture.​​​​​​​
Design process

User analysis at the beginning of the design process provides insight into the user's needs, preferences and constraints, which allows for the creation of more functional and valuable products for the user.

In this case, after user analysis and a user journey map, it was found that the target user is typically between 27 and 40 years old, lives in small apartments and has sustainability in mind.
Studying the context where the product will be placed, used and stored always gives us insights about what features should have the new design. We detected that tools such as drills or electric screwdrivers are always stored in their big plastic boxes. 

On the other hand, we observed that a lot of DIY enthusiasts use pegboards and have not a lot of space in their apartments, so the storage of tools is a key point to work on.
The use of moodboards mainly as a mind-map points the design direction that the product will follow in next steps. Also helps to start defining the identity of each detail that will elevate the product to a unique feeling.
Analog and digital sketches are key part of the design process. They allow us to iterate and find new solutions quickly and test a big amount of possibilities that will solve the problem.
Connecting points to achieve the optimum result.
Prototyping allows to adjust dimensions, check proportions and have the feeling of the product to ensure that fits the desired results.


An collection driven by the iconic shape of circles. With recognizable details that are easy to add to other products of the future collection.

Power adjustment pressing with the thumb. Three adjustable power options: low, medium and high.
Engraved details indicate how to remove the battery for charging. Wavy grip with micro dots texture to emphasize the grip of the user. 
USB-C is placed hidden in the battery to ensure that the battery is not connected when in charging mode. Also the LED is placed on the battery side and is shown through a hole when connected to the drill.
Bosch Basics - OO Drill


Bosch Basics - OO Drill

Bosch Basics - OO Drill Services: Strategy, Industrial Design, Visualization Client: Lemanoosh - Concept Project The objective of the project wa Read More