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Michelle Pereira for Glasshouse

An Extraordinary Holiday by Michelle Pereira for Glasshouse

Michelle Pereira Brings a Whimsical Holiday World to Life for Glasshouse Fragrances.

Michelle took on the creative challenge of designing a holiday-inspired world that was playful and imaginative, drawing inspiration from the vibrant streets of London and New York.

Her initial illustrations resonated so strongly with the client that they expanded the project. The project included a NY-style rooftop party scene illustration, an array of charming flourishes, orchids, and delightful 'sticker book' style spot illustrations that were used throughout the campaign visuals.

Eventually, the project evolved into an animation featuring the main character, 'Lucinda,' as she embarked on a journey through this enchanting holiday realm. The animation showcased various heartwarming interactions among other characters along the way, making it a truly magical experience.

For Christmas 2023, Michelle Pereira's illustrations adorn the products and packaging of the renowned Glasshouse Fragrances offering you a glimpse into a world of enchantment – An Extraordinary Holiday! 

"The main inspiration for the Christmas 2023 packaging involved the idea of a ‘Grand House’ filled with quirky characters celebrating the festive season together." - Michelle 

Illustrations: Michelle Pereira 
Creative Director: Mary Talato
Animation Production: Flutter/21-19
Animation Director: Dom Bartolo
Lead Animator: Andrew Gibbs
Shoot Styling: Caitlin Melling

Explore the holiday collection online here, or visit here to see Michelle Pereira's portfolio and other work.

Michelle Pereira for Glasshouse

Michelle Pereira for Glasshouse