Professional, established, but also creative, intelligent and communicative are the basic verbs to describe the kik Akademie based in Ulm, Germany. The education institute is a specialist for trainings, workshops and coaching targeting small and mid-sized businesses, ministries and public authorities.

This Webdesign was created as a full redesign in the Digital-Design Course of Prof. Kühr at Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln. The design process started from scratch with the previous website as a starting point. From there on we've gone through analysis, research, hierarchical structuring, wireframing to the final design step.
The first impression counts. With this credo in mind the redesign starts with a strong sliding gallery teasing the latest news and workshops. Followed by a short introduction about the academy.
Also very important is a simple navigation threw the large offer of different workshop themes. To get along with the abstract labes the navigation contains a short description of the current hovered entry.
Also important to the visitor is the organised view of the workshop contents. Starting with a short introduction, the workshop page gives a more detailed description if you follow it along.