Reinforcements! (Videogame)
So then it came... the actual videogame of the board game. It was a school project, not personal, so time was limited and so were the ideas. Still, the results were satisfying.
The idea was to take the board game to the virtual environment without modifying the core ingredients. Taking advantage of the hardware was the most basic principle. There are of course endless possibilities with a processor that can handle millions of calculations per frame, calculations a board game won't help you with.
I really liked programming this game, but what I also really enjoyed designing, modelling, and animating the 21 characters for it.

This was a videogame aimed for the Android platform
The above render was used for a flyer.
Line up of the 21 playable characters as they do their attack animation.
It all started with some simple concepts following a cartoonish character template.
The Rune Knight was without question the character I loved the most from all 21. He's simply so very cool 8D
The Rune Knight, as a battler, had a strong power level and magic attack making it possible to defeat opponents under the effects of a zombie potion.
I will surely give some backstory to this character.
The Black & White Mages.
The alchemist! My second favorite
I thought the spirit was pretty cool too! O:
Here are the 21 playable characters.
Normal battlers (top) -
Warrior, knight, rune knight, archer, axeman, assasin, thief, black Mage, Summoner, White Mage, Alchemist
Special battlers (bottom) -
Basilisk, Phoenix, Dragon, Griffin, Unicorn, Titan, Werewolf, Spirit, Centaur, Cyclops
Well... then came the long hours of programming and integrating the GUI.
The spaces from the board game transformed into the "Mall" area where you get money and reinforcements.
I know, the 3D is here is very basic, lacking detail and professionalism... but time was very scarce.
It's a battle between the human, elf, dwarf, and orc teams!
The above song was quickly composed without much inspiration... but I at least found the game's theme. That's good.
This quick but big project was very fun to do and I will surely continue working on it. I believe it is a very nice game with potential and I'd love to see it grow.
I've never programmed so much in my life in so little time... there was a lot of frustration, pain, anger, and insanity
I regret nothing.
The reinforcements shall return!

Credits for the GUI go to Gabriela Hernandez and Álvaro Vizcarra.
And oh... if you want to check our the (very beta) game, here's the link to the play store.
Reinforcements! (Videogame)

Reinforcements! (Videogame)

Luck is all you need for this messy battle! The board game comes to the screen.
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