Reinforcements! is a strategy-luck game where the player takes an omniscient role commanding the battle while seeking for reinforcements. The luck  factor combined with strategy is what makes this game special. We see many, many strategy based videogames and boardgames were you take the same role to command a battle and be victorious, but what if pure luck is added to the mix? What will your strategy be when you run out of money from one turn to another or vice versa? What will you do when your opponents summon the strongest reinforcements? Will you wait for luck to be in your side too?
The idea was to have the typical RPG characters (e.g. Knight, Mages, archer, etc) and combining them with mythological and magical creatures, these being the "special reinforcements" with more powerful abilities.
The phoenix, for example, was a NPC that would let you revive a defeated ally whenever you needed it.
One of the disadvantages of the game being a board game was the huga amount of little pieces it needed. Powerups, special potions, tokens (money), and little index cards.
The medievalish graphic style was fun to work on, but there were soo many little pieces to cut...
I'd have laser cut those but... well
The actual board is based in the Monopoly board but more spaces and the field spaces in the middle.
I really liked working on this board game... I didn't have much time to work on it but I will sure do something with it in the future.
I thought it'd be awesome to try to take the game to the screen, so I did.