Project: MIX TAPE v.01
Type: Mobile phone Application (prototype)
Description: Software application for mobile phone that enables you to GRAB your favorite songs/tracks, CLIP few seconds of the song/track and MIX with other clips and PLAY, just as a mixed tape.
Who will benefit? Everyone!
Who will benefit more?
Music critics will be able to record and keep track of music from the database selection of clips.
DJ's will be able to make sample record and mix music from their mobile device. (non-professional version)
Lovers will be able to send each other music and love notes to each other.
Friends will be able leave music birthday notes mixed with voice messages to each other.

Just picture yourself in a restaurant and you just hear a song, a song that you love. Now with the mix tape you can record or you can detect the song's artist and name immediately with your phone.