Psycogeographic Map
Make my own psycogeographic map of Coimbra. Illustrate my experience, habits and tracks in any form: video, drawing, poster, app, etc..

For my concept, I took the Homunculus, witch in latin means "little man" and it's been used in several fields of study such as alchemy, biology and psychology.
I took the psychology use, in witch the homunculus is the proporcional representation of the animal body according to its parts represented in somatosensory cortex and brain motor. In this representation, the neural area corresponds to each corporal part. It means the corporal parts with more quantity of nerves and, consequently, neurons are represented with a bigger dimension than the corporal parts with less quantity of nerves. Homunculus in psychology is a little man with huge lips and tongue, a tiny body, arms and legs, big feet and giant hands.
In my map, the bigger my experience in some place in Coimbra, the bigger its representation in the map.
For my concept, I also used Multi-Viewpoint Panoramas: photographic technique that represents long scenes with the union of different viewpoints so that it appears to be just one viewpoint.
For my map, I went for a seven hour walk through all the places I know in Coimbra (flâneur) and I took 418 photographs. I selected 188 photographs to print and scan, with a dragging technique.
I also used The Nolli Map idea for my concept. Giambattista Nolli created a map in Rome, 1748, with 12 copper engravings to respond to Pope Bento XIV comission for the rising of Rome city. It was the most precise description of Rome since then.
Many architects used this Nolli technique, such as Robert Venturi, Denise Scott Brown and Steven Izenour that showed how Las Vegas urban spaces illumination was really being used, showing its intensity along the principal street.
I composed the dragging scans in the Homunculus diagram form. When I represented a track and not a place, I made a sequence of photographs with the dimensions according to the times I made that track.

The height of the poster is 1,77 meters, that is my height, because Homunculus means "little man" and my Homunculus has my height to show how small I feel when I walk in Coimbra.
Dragging Scans
Antiga casa de amiga
Antiga casa de amiga
Estação de Coimbra-B
Estação de Coimbra-A
Escadas Monumentais
Praça da República
Parque Verde do Mondego
Praça 8 de Maio
Minha casa actual
Rua Visconde da Luz
Rua Ferreira Borges
Minha antiga casa
Casa actual de amigos
Percurso do Autocarro 38
Departamento de Engenharia Informática
Percurso do Autocarro 34
Departamento de Arquitectura
Faculdade de Letras
Forum Coimbra
Dolce Vita
Queima das Fitas / Festa das Latas
Final Psychogeographic Map
Alternative Psycogeographic Map
Poster Height
Psycogeographic Map

Psycogeographic Map

This project was developed in the second year of Design & Multimedia Graduation of University of Coimbra.

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