The Five Wonders: a rescue story
In the beginning of May 2014 my partner and I found a cardboard box with 5 tiny kittens. They couldn't be older than a couple of weeks, still nursing. They were dirty, skinny, begging for food and water and trying to escape the boundaries of their cardboard prison, to no avail.
We took them in, cleaned and fed them kitty formula, gave them a warm bed and a place to play. Gradually they learned to use the litter box and began eating dry food.
When they turned about 2 months old, the search for perfect forever-homes for the little ones began. Three have already found their loving families.
I photographed the kittens for the entire time of their presence with us. Here are some of the resulting images.
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In the above image the kittens are hiding in their new kitty-house, about a day or two after we found them. The fifth kitten (in the image below) was too shy for a photo and hid at the back of the house.
Philli, the shy one, was actually one of the bigger kittens at the beginning. A day later however, she suddenly stopped eating and drinking. When I checked on her, she was burning with fever. After several visits to the vet, a round of antibiotics and 3 difficult days of separation from her sisters, she made it through. We were very scared for her, as at this tender age not even a vet could tell for sure whether or not they'll make it.
Nap time!
Right from the start, the little ones have accepted me as their foster mom. The moment I entered their room, they'd climb as best they could all over me, competing among themselves for being the first to be fed kitty formula. Titto, the little one in the photo, tended to be the very last one in line. She was also the tiniest one.
I was worried she was malnutritioned, so I took matters into my own hands and for the next week or so, Titto was always the first to be fed from the formula syringe. The transformation was amazing.
Her confidence grew, and by the time the kittens were learning to eat on their own, she would be the first one to approach the bowl of wet food. Even though there were several bowls, for each kitten, she had made it her business to taste the food from each and every one. :)
When I introduced the little ones to our dog, who immediately fell in love with the kittens as if they were her own pups, Titto bonded with the dog instantly. She'd always prefer to sit in the dog's lap when she was around. As can be seen in these two photos.
Of course, there's a healthy pinch of naughtiness to little Titto. Here she's seen taking on the bed cover in a battle of strengths. ;)
Ursula (above) and Phoebe (below) got their names because of their twin-like similarities. In character, however, they couldn't be more different. While Ursula would prefer to spend her day cuddled in someone's lap, suckling on her own paw (making the most adorable noises at that), Phoebe would rather play hide and seek with the others.
Especially if slippers are involved.
Broonie (a variation on Brunhilda), got a Viking name for her brave and demanding spirit. She was always the first in line to be fed and get cuddles. She would always be the one using my clothes as a climbing wall, getting all the way up to my face.
However, she's also the most cuddly and gentle of them all.
Broonie always acts in the most graceful and loving way around humans and animals alike.
Hide and seek is of course, one of her favorite games.
Broonie is also very attached to our dog, and we're hoping to find her a home with a loving canine friend.
Phoebe exhibiting her characteristic playfulness, using our dog's tail as an example.
Ursula (left) and Phoebe (right), just before they were adopted to their new home. We managed to find a loving home that was willing to adopt them both, since they're quite attached to each other.
The roar of a tiger (or, the yawn of Phoebe)
Little Philli grew up to be the most regal of the bunch. Her royal grace is present with her at all times and can be seen in her beautiful eyes. She's very loving, gentle and delicate and has found a loving home where we hope she'll continue to amaze her new human with even more cuteness.

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The Five Wonders: a rescue story

The Five Wonders: a rescue story

The photo story of rescuing 5 orphaned kittens from the streets.

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