Campus Connect is an innovative project aiming to enhance student engagement and accessibility to essential services and resources at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). It addresses the challenge of limited visibility of QUT offerings. Through creative visual communication, Campus Connect seeks to bridge the gap between students and crucial resources, fostering a connected campus community. 
Branding, promotional design, and spatial activation for Campus Connect at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) at both Gardens Point and Kelvin Grove Campus. Leah used distinctive branding and messaging that could be used for social media, digital promotional pieces including animated GIFs and print. This created a branded experience that was recognisable, bright and bold.

This project was a final design project from a Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) for DVB303 Experimental Visual Communication.

Client: Queensland University of Technology 
Category: Spatial Activation & Brand Identity 

BestForLater91. (2023). 4K Slow Climbing up the Stairs [Video]. Getty Images Signature on Canva.

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QUT. (2023). QUT Entrepreneurship. "Problem to be solved".

Raw Pixel. (2023). Website template on laptop screen [Mock up]. Free Pik.">Image by</a> on Freepik

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Yaschan79. (2023). Red Tape [Video]. Getty Images Signature on Canva.
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campus connect