Finally i had time to draw, yeeeeyyy. After the Buda reposession i spent the last couple of months with working in extreme mode. It is nda, but i was/am working on cgi for an amazing... stuff ;) The point is, i had a surgery (and will have another one soon:( ) I was extremely exhausted and my brain was melted down, so i had to create something new for myself.
The image was inspired by a very talented swedish thangka painter, i get familiar with his works during my current project, oh his name is Thomas Dalarud. He is also a really good photographer, i really like his style :) So one of his ink paintings was my inspiration.
It is quite low res, so i had to redraw it, of course it was fast as hell with the cintiq, i can do everything much more faster than with the bamboo. Actually i started the sketching before my surgery, but i only had time to start the 3D after that.
The sketches:
Well, if i have to say one sentence about the modeling, it would be this: it was a dirty modeling :D
I really didn't care about topology and i didn't kept the polycount at bay. I just wanted to finish it as soon as i can during my medical break. (which is extended; damn :( )
A few IV's later:
I started with his hands, it is a bit creepy, not a Leonardo per se, but hey it shoulnd't be... right? ;)
Then the other parts... stuff...stuff everywhere...and pearls...and snakes... a lot! (oh i said already, that i forgot to UV the snakes? Nope? well.. that was the case, i only realized it when is started the texturing, aaaand all of the 25 snakes were in place, eheh... stupid me or i can blame the medz :) So i had to uv them one by one.. bahhh.
This is a screen about his hands, with a few errors here and there, but i told myself: " hey, i'll fix them later".
Then i countinued the work with his head, it was  the last part; i don't know why, maybe it is the most dominant part? Anyway, i came up with this. (oh i just realized, this is a freezed version of his head)
Hörrrr :)
And the final model:
After a little dose of painkillers i continued the work with painting. I've tried zbrush, i swear i did everything i could, but ZB is just not for me. It is totally uncomfortable:/ I can do a lot of things, but i am slow with zb! So i grabbed 3dcoat which was sitting on my desk...well this time i skipped mudbox, i needed something different. About 3DC: to be honest i almost never used it, my mate gave it to me a loong-loong time ago (he is a dtp guy, so it is pretty much useless for him, and i do the 3d work if he needs anything so... :D ). And it worked... easy, flawless and damn fast with digipad. MMM My taste ;) I used it mostly for normal maps, i can work faster in PS (well there is the 3dc-ps live connection).
A few more:
And the final model:
After that, landscaping: rocks, more rocks and "vegetables" (and a lot of instances :) ). The monastery in the background is the bhutanian monastery, i knew it won't be visible too much, so i skipped the unnecessary detailing. Later on, lights here and there. It is phsically incorrect, but hey, it is kind of a surreal scene; there is no limit;)
Aaaand here comes the texturing. (below this shot..obviously)
Oh, i've made the clouds with vue..well it is almost invisible :) Anyways, texturing:
Mahakala's skin is blue-black mostly, i tried to create something surreal, but not too creepy, and it needed to be visible in the flames. After a little painting the skin was good enough.
Bump, normal, epidermis and the subdermis; for the other maps, i only tweaked the bumpmap with brightness and contrast.
The skin isn't too complicated, but i had to play with it for a few hours to achieve what i wanted. Because of the dark tone i had to use relatively long distance for the subcutaneous layers. Epidermis: 10mm supdermis: 12mm, the fresnel is 62% i left the rest at default settings.
The other fun part. On the final image the amount of detail is barely visible, but i've made an insane node-ing with it. Well, when i started i didn't know that it won't be visible, i had a little bit different concept in my mind.
Okay, i know, i know it is a "bit" overcomplicated :D Gradient overdose, eheh. But i like it, it became a little bit lava, a little bit dark-surreal melted and mostly: frightening!
The rest of the textures are simple, fabric, skins, pearls and a lot of gold ;) I used 4 gold versions for different parts. I played with fiberfx for the tiger's fur, but at the end it was unneccessary. Overcomplicating again ;)
Then i continued with the fire ( How do you want your zerg? Original or extra crispy? :) )
After the fueling, i countinued with the postwork. Brightness, tonal tweaks, cc and stuff.

This is what came out from LW:
And the final version:
Big shout outs for my beatuiful wife, that she could handle my maniac work again, for Gabcsi and Gábor and for everybody who kept their eyes on Mahakala and of course thanx for David and Thomas for the inspiration!
Next week i'll have another surgery who knows what will i create then... well... i know ;)


Finally i had a little time to draw, yeeeeyyy ;)