NFL X MLB Logo Mashup

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  • NFL X MLB Logo Mashup
    Due to the widly sucessful NFL X NBA logo mashup and popular request, my partner Weis Karzai and I have untaken the next sport in line - baseball. I have combined all 32 NFL logos with every MLB team's logo. Each NFL team was paired with its most applicable MLB team, with respect to most importantly location, as well as team lineage. With a two team disparity in respect to MLB, formerly existing teams were used as well teams who were in relatively close proximity to compensate. 
    *If shared, please credit the original post on my website, not my personal Behance page.* 
    San Diego Chargers X San Diego Padres
  • Kansas City Chiefs X Kansas City Royals
  • Denver Broncos X Colorado Rockies
  • St. Louis Rams X St. Louis Cardinals 
  • San Francisco 49ers X San Francisco Giants
  • Seattle Seahawks X Seattle Mariners
  • Arizona Cardinals X Arizona Diamondbacks 
  • Detriot Lions X Detroit Tigers
  • Green Bay Packers X Milwaukee Brewers
  • Chicago Bears X Chicago Cubs
  • Chicago Bears X Chicago White Sox
  • Minnesota Vikings X Minnesota Twins
  • Washington Redskins X Washington Nationals 
  • Dallas Cowboys X Texas Rangers
  • Philadelphia Eagles X Philadelphia Phillies
  • New York Giants X New York Yankees
  • Housto Texans X Houston Astros 
  • Tennesee Titans X St. Louis Cardinals 
  • Indianapolis Colts X Montreal Expos
  • Jacksonville Jaguars X Los Angeles Dodgers
  • New York Jets X New York Mets
  • New England Patriots X Boston Red Sox
  • Miami Dolphins X Miami Marlins
  • Buffalo Bills X Toronto Blue Jays
  • Baltimore Ravens X Baltimore Orioles 
  • Cleveland Browns X Cleveland Indians
  • Pittsburgh Steelers X Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Cincinatti Bengals X Cincinatti Bengals
  • Atlanta Falcons X Atlanta Braves
  • New Orleans Saints X Houston Astros 
  • Carolina Panthers X Anaheim Angels
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers X Tampa Bay Rays
  • ^ My personal favorite of the series. On first glace it appears as if I've only switched obvious elements such as the color, but I implemented the stingray from the Rays' logo and utalized it as a portion of the front end of the pirate ship. Fit quite seemlesly. 
    Thanks for viewing!