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Disney's Planet Guardians

Motion Graphics
To celebrate Earth Day, Disney Junior invited us to create an animated tv show of 8 episodes introducing four characters that teached us how to make the world a better place. They were Splash (protector of clean water), 
Bio (making cities greener), Erre (recicling, reusing, reduce) and Rayo (smart use of electricity). 
It was a huge and very satisfying proyect in which we had the chance to create cute and funny adventures

Client: Disney Jr - Copyright: Isis Silva . Esteban Rubio - Production: Malena Bursa . Josefina Petroni
Production Supervisor: Gabriela Tarrio Gamboa - Creative Manager: Eleonora Domínguez
Production Company: The Juan Casal Studio - Direction and Art Direction: JC
Animatic and Direction Assistance: Augusto Cortegoso -  Animation Team: Six Studio
Animation Direction: Martin Lara - Production: Daniela Scelsio

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Disney's Planet Guardians


Disney's Planet Guardians