Original logo design created for the company.
The HOME page features three documentaries with rollover effects
that give a quick story and link to each film's page or external site.
The ROLLOVER for "Locked Out".
"Unprecedented" has no external site, so an internal page on this website
was included to feature the film and show the theatrical trailer.
There was already an external site for "Locked Out" so I added a link to connect to this site along with an Alternavision Films RETURN BUTTON at the bottom of this home page.
There was already an external site for "Unprecedented" so I added a link on the new site to go to this film. There will be an Alternavision RETURN BUTTON on this home page also, as soon as somebody locates the user and password for the old site. :)
The ABOUT page features the Company mission and the founder's bio.
The CONTACT page.