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    Web design and Wordpress theme development for Learning to Ride Horses.
Learning to Ride Horses
Website Design, Wordpress Theme
LTRH is the new website of horse trainer Anne-Louise Adamiak. It features lesson videos, training articles, photo and video rider evaluations, and a sales area. Designed to supplement traditional riding lessons, not replace them, Anne wanted to present beginning riders and horse owners with a resource to use outside of lessons. Users can submit their own photos or videos to her for a small fee for her to evaluate their riding, and can also purchase full lesson videos on a variety of topics. Artistically, I wanted the colors to be bright and inviting, and something different than the old humdrum “farm” colors seen on most horse trainers’ websites. I also wanted the videos to be front and center on the site, since they will be a major source of revenue. Functionally, I developed a WordPress theme so that the client would be able to update and maintain the site herself. All of the different aspects of the site content, Videos, Articles, Sales, and Evaluations, are posts, so that she can add and change them with ease.

While it’s not quite live yet, you can still
visit here to see the “coming soon” landing page. Link to the live site will be available once it is up!