Cardiff's newest shopping centre brings big names and hi-end shopping to Wales. Previously the closest place for the welsh to get anything like this was Bristol. 

St David's isn't just a shopping centre; it's a cultural hub where you can enhance your lifestyle. And as such, represents the rising profile of Cardiff as a modern european capital city.

This campaign doesn’t have an endline because I don’t think it needs one. But there is an idea and that is ‘If shopping is your religion, your prayers have been answered.’ As an idea it survives the Mitch Levy test - A good idea can be expressed in one short sentence. If you need two, you haven’t got an idea, you’re just explaining an execution. He was right. 

It includes executions for Men’s fashion, Women’s Fashion, Home Furnishings and two service messages  - Christmas extended opening times and Dining.
I was briefed on St David's at Baber Smith on my last day freelancing and developed this route in my own time after I had left.
Christmas late opening
Men's fashion autumn/winter
Women's fashion autumn/winter
Home and lifestyle
Restaurants and cafés