Logo design
Client: Subbseven worldwide concepts
Year: 2011

Description: Subbseven is the 1
st Brand Museum and Social Brand Mall of the World. An interactive playground showcasing the best domestic and global lifestyle brands, green brands and the coolest sustainable projects of the world. Subbseven is full of brands you know, you love and you haven’t seen anywhere else. This is a place where you can take a stroll through the life of your favorite brands.  

For consumers: Subbseven is an ambient brand and all about lifestyle and identity. This Trojan Horse is the true warrior and takes you on a journey were you can discover new stories, that will be told over and over. Subbseven is force that opens brand new world that are full of wonder and surprise.

For brands: Based on one of the most famous digital Trojan horse viruses in the world, Subbseven Advertising is non-conventional in creating ways for brands to slip into their marketplace, without advertising in a direct and prominent (pushy) way.

• subbseven showreel (must see)