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    Religious library for an old pastor and an old house
  • A clergyman lived in retirement on a lonely highway
    near a small community.
    Though he felt very well among all his books, the loneliness
    became more and more oppressive with each passing day.
    Without further ado, he therefore decided to make his extensive
    library with works on religion, ethics and philosophy accessible
    to all who are interested in order to make contact
    with people by the way.
    Since his small home, which had been built in 1939,
    was on the brink of its capacity, he decided to have it gutted,
    altered and extended.
    A classical extension was out of the question since he did not
    want to affect the simplicity of his house.
    After weeks of inconclusive doubt, an angel appeared to
    him in a dream and gave him an idea.
    Since he knew that the second idea might already come
    from the devil, he decided to commission the implementation
    of this idea immediately.
    A ring-shaped space-frame structure now houses
    his collection of 10,000 books, which is open to the general
    public on three days a week.
  • Madonna del Granduca. Raffaelo. 1504
  • Martyrium des Hl. Laurentius. Tizian, 1548-1559. Öl

    Source: Wikipedia