Producer's Notes:
I brought in the big guns for our 10th recording session on June 21, 2014. I needed several stars to align just so, for this special Summer session. Indeed, they aligned..  and it was pure magic for me. Never even realized we were recording on the 4th anniversary of CodeBass Radio until a few days later. I couldn't have planned a more ideal way to mark that occasion.

I took advantage of the small project size and massive creative energy from that day to produce a very modular template that will serve to easily spawn new promo with each subsequent podcast episode. This being my darling project, insofar as those I hands-on produce, I've taken extra time every step of the way to assure scalability, development and direction. This piece was no exception. For more details about the podcast itself, check out "Glyndon Guys, The Proucer's Chronicle".
The .psd files in which I created the logo and other relevant desktop graphics translated nicely to Adobe After Effects for some simple motion graphics. Check the WIP for more details on how that progressed. 
I obtained just the voice-over track from one of our James Allen intros and edited it down for our purposes here. Conversely, I took the loops I use to segment the show, combined them, and expanded them out into the 60-second musical arrangment heard in the promo. It is hard to do a bad job with quality assets like these. 
Apart from some color treatment and blending of VFX, I did very little in the way of Premiere Pro effects on the video clips. When cutting clips, I was really fascinated by the very natural transitons the guest videographer managed to achieve within action shots while taking the footage. 
I learned a lot the day of that most awesome Summer session, and I took a step back here and there over the course of video post-production to go a bit more in-depth with proper education vs. the typical need-to-know prioritization afforded by the average project. 
This is just a little 60-second, relatively simple production.. but anyone who's been following me on Facebook and Twitter, or observing the WIPs, knows that a lot more went into this than what's obvious.  I gave it everything I have, in many ways, just as I have been giving it to the entire Glyndon Guys production. 
Remember to check out the Proucer's Chronicle and related WIPs for more details!