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    Various illustrations I've done for game companies.
I work full time as a UI designer and artist in video games. I've also been lucky enough to have lots of great opportunities to create illustrative work for the companies I've worked at and freelanced for. The following are some samples of work I've done for various game companies. 
Even though I worked on the Last of Us, I'm still a fan. I made this fan art of Ellie after the project launched.
Valentines created for the Last of Us 2014
Valentines created for Jak and Daxter 2014
Valentines created for Uncharted 2013
Valentines created for The Last of Us 2013
Poster designs for Avination 2012
In game advertisement designs for Avination 2012
Tree assets designed for Avination 2012
TF2 lineup for the Valve Store 2010
Just for fun, I did these TF2 character moms after creating the lineup image. 
Animal assets for Vinny vs the Curse of the Incas