Graduation Project - Cloer - Part 2 : Website
Cloer is a brand specialized in the production of kitchen appliances and is located in the town of Arnsberg, Germany. Founded in 1898, the family business started in the thirties to produce appliances. Today the product range continues to develop in the center of study and development of Cloer. The brand philosophy is reflected in its high quality products. 

The universe of the brand is placed in the contemporary, modern, but also sobriety. Their utensils are ergonomically designed and easy to use. Cloer not communicate much, but the brand is known for its qualities products and many sites talk about and sell products. Its goal is to always produce high quality products, easily available, with a design in the era of time and using the latest technologies. In addition, it wants to expand its leadership position and expand its market in many countries as possible. With this in mind, the brand decided to open its market in France through an official distributor, located in Paris. 

From the name of the brand and its premium products, I'll create "showcase"  website of the French distributor of the brand Cloer. This implies to offer an attractive site to take a maximum of French knowledge of the brand. To do so, I chose to work on the theme of greed and appetite. 

In this second part you can see the website development. I used the software Photoshop and I used HTML5, CSS3, javascript (jQuery) and AJAX to build it. For the e-commerce part, I use the CMS Magento.

"Showcase" Website
Les vignettes correspondant aux produits
Une page produit (crêpîère)
Le descriptif du produit
E-commerce Website
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Graduation Project - Part 2 : Website
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Graduation Project - Cloer - Part 2 : Website