360° installative dance evening
Staatstheater Kassel

Choreography                        United Cowboys Pauline Roelants, Maarten van der Put      Stage                                                                                                  Sebastian Hannak
Costume                                                                                                    Katharina Fitz
Video creation                                                                                 Maarten van der Put Video editing and mapping                                                                 Oscar van der Put
Lighting                                                                                                         Jürgen Kolb
Dramaturgy                                                                                      Silke Meier-Brösicke

This exuberant dance evening in a 360° multiperspective environment has premiered in the new RAUMBÜHNE ANTIPOLIS, a huge installation that is built in three levels along the walls on the stage of the opera house that seats an additional 250 Spectators. 
70 tons of Scaffolding were used on the whole stage, as well as 20 monitors and 6 huge 
projection screens with radio linked live and preproduced videocontent, the whole floor is layed out with dance carpet. NUTCRACKER, an installative- space dance evening of the Netherlands based company United Cowboys is a total Welttheater consisting of image, sound, video and, of course, dance- asking the audience to surrender. A completely new piece with nods to the original Balllet as a contemporary, interdisciplinary production with 
a new approach that shifts from reality to imagination, we created an abundance of impression with the wonderful 28 (!) dancers, one actress and two live musicians. Space and dance become a fascinating partnership, you can experience dance, video, music from all angles. Creating two very different performances (see CARMEN) within this 
space has been a huge pleasure and shows ANTIPOLIS in all its changeability.