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    Book Cover designs for various projects.
Books and their Covers
Various book covers...varying degrees of fiction in their existence...
The two covers on Frank Lloyd Wright are a "Cover" (pardon the pun) of the actual book written by Meryle Secrest. I was hoping to incorporate his signature styles into the overall design as well as the typography used. The second one is a direct reference to one of his most famous works - The Guggenheim Museum.
The following two designs were created as options for Penguin India's release - The Laws of Manu. Both representations refer to the birth of different castes from the different parts of Brahma's body and depict them through the different symbols associated with each.
Of the final two book covers, the first (Judgement that never came) is already on shelves while the second is the cover for the mini-book created as a sneak peek for the graphic novel to be released in October this year...look for the cover to change completely by that time!!