Was commissioned to design a one spread illustration for a building company (Macon), to show and display their services. They wanted a house and figures to show their jobs. After some discussion, the solution was decided to replicate the look of a leaflet I did for the Olympion cinema. This meant having a cut-away of the inside of the building and the surrounds.
After some sketching, a slightly distorted building was designed to fulfil the requirements. From the rough a cleaned version was designed to allow for the construction in illustrator. This was then scanned and used as a template to build over 30 layers of elements. some effects were used to create effective shadow and transparency. Once the illustrator document was completed several drawn men were added to the give detail to the companies services.
This was the first stage rough designed for the commission.
The point to this drawing was to get a feel for the composition and space needed for copy.
Once this was OK'ed, the concept was taken to the next stage.
This is the second stage design sketch. More details were added in an approach to realise the design a little better.
because the design was going to be finalised inside illustrator, there was no real need to complete the drawing to any great deal.
This image was then scanned into illustrator and locked off as a background image.
This is the first stage of developing the illustration in illustrator. Mainly there is an attempt to place down the base colours and areas. To give realistic affect to certain areas of the image, gradients were used instead of block colour, and also "multiply" layer effect was used to allow shadows to cross multiple colour areas.
It's easy to see part of the original sketch that the illustration was built on.
As the roof was a repeat, one tile was made and then manipulated in order to save time.
This image shows almost all the key elements in place.
This is the completed illustration before the figures of workmen were placed in the scene.
This is the completed illustration that was sent in for review.
You will notice already that certain elements have been altered for scale, etc.
The figures were designed on paper and scanned and live-traced.
From this point they were then coloured inside illustrator.
This is the completed advert in place. You will notice that there were some final changes to the layout and it was extended to the right to allow enough room for the copy.
The figure in the pool was also changed to correspond with the activities of the company, and extra details added.