Illustrated maps for KLM Holland Herald magazine

Every month I design a map for KLM inflight magazine Holland Herald. Here you can find a collection of the best maps!

Map of Serengeti/Afrika
Map of Helsinki/Finland
Map of Tokyo/Japan
Map of Costa Rica
Map of New York / USA​​​​​​​
Map of Santiago/Chili
Map of San Francisco / USA​​​​​​​
Map of Boston/USA
Map of Stockholm / Zweden​​​​​​​
Map of San St Petersburg / Russia
Map of Amsterdam / The Netherlands
Map of Bali / Indonesia​​​​​​​
Map of Hamburg / Germany​​​​​​​
Map of Maastricht/The Netherlands​​​​​​​
Map of Rome/Italy
Map of Oman

Map of British Columbia / USA​​​​​​​
Map of Curaçao​​​​​​​
Map of Seatle / USA

Map of Shanghai / China​​​​​​​
Map of Istanbul / Turkey​​​​​​​

Map of LA / USA

Map of Rio de janeiro / Brazil
Map of Lima / Peru

Map of Saba & St. Maarten / Caribbean

Map of Tokyo / Japan​​​​​​​
Map of the island of Langkawi / Malaysia
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Illustrated maps for KLM Holland Herald magazine

Illustrated maps for KLM Holland Herald magazine

These maps were designed for the KLM magazine Holland Herald. klm, holland herald, costa rica, hummingbird, illustrated maps, map, surf, hut, ho Read More