yLab is geometric typeface compose of 10 fonts (5 weights and oblique declination)
Perfect for titles and text, yLab supports many languages (Latin pro..).

11 OpenType Features (Alternative; Fraction; Numerator; Denominator; Superior; Inferior; Tabular figure; Ordinals; Discretionary Ligature; Stylistic Set; Case Sensitive Forms).
   • Ordinal feature includes the Latin alphabet (Uppercase & Lowercase).
   • Five Stylistic set for “a”, “g”, "i" and "l", includes accents.
   • Discretionary Ligature includes “AE”, “IJ”, “OE”, available in lowercase.
   • Contextual Alternate includes ligatures for arrows : <- -> ^| v| <-> v^| <\ /> \>
   Add parentheses around period, numbers or arrows, add n or d for numerator, denominator.
   Add n, d or +, for numerator, denominator or case arrows.
   All Case sensitive characters become after the uppercase and number.

Designed by Nathanaël Dorange, Par Défaut Foundry 

For personal and commercial work

yLab Typeface