65° - 75°   |   Travel Log
Northern lights are difficult to describe.
Whenever I tried to explain the phenomenon to people arround me, it always sounded very remote from the experience these lights had immersed myself.
To nourish my project, I had to plan a trip to the most northern cities of Scandinavia in order to chase the auroras again, before they would disappear with the light of spring.
This project was presented with an interactive installation.

Find more informations about the installation here.
The auroral zone covers latitudes 65° to 75°.
In this area, the nights are getting shorter extremely rapidly between mid-January and mid-May.
The sun never rises in the winter, and never sets in the summer. Auroras are usually visible until mid-March.
The end of the semester was at the end of March, I didn’t have that much time to decide...
In five days, the trip was «planned». 10 days and 10 nights in the most northern Scandinavia cities:
Tromso(69 °), Narvik(68 °), Abisko(68 °) and Kiruna(67 °).
To nourish the installation, I recorded sounds and took photographs along the way.
This journal counts every step of my journey through various pieces of data:
Photographs, coordinates, weather reports, paths and road taken, and accounts of my state of mind.
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