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    Social campaign aimed to reduce level of stress in our life
Social campaign aimed to reduce level
of stress in our life
Imagine the situation: you are at the work place receiving urgent messages via several media channels. Your cell phone is close to you. If you have tablet or any other device imagine that it is also nearby.
You texting messages and each received notification is echoed by your devices.
This noise makes you sick. It disturbs.
Annoys. You hate it.
The same happens at home when after long day willing to relax you chating with several friends and notifications keep coming to all your devices, buzzing all the time and freaking you out. Of course you can turn off the sound of notifications, but chanсes that you'll forget to turn it on and miss some important call or message are very high.
Did you know, that noises can cause serious health problems, like headaches, depression and even lead to a nervous breakdown?
World Health Organization offers
simple solution — Singularis
Join Singularis
Singularis easily integrates with all devices and platforms.
We are welcome all brands that have multi-platform applications to join singularis and mаke their services more healthy for people.
Place WHO Singularis at your application and contribute to reduction of stress level.
the one WHO cares