Wedding Branding
• for Rebecca •
With the wedding ceremony in the stunning grounds of ‘Chaucer Barn’ in Norfolk, England,
the concept of nature and its beautiful forms was the outstanding choice.
Drawing inspiration from ‘Alice In Wonderland’ and ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ (the ceremony taking place on the Summer Solstice)
the design evolved to become a secret garden, immersing the bride and groom’s simple, elegant monogram with love and enchantment.
The elaborate illustration features an Owl to represent the groom. The name ‘Greg’ comes from the latin ‘Gregorius’,
meaning ‘to be awake’ or ‘to be watchful’. The Bride is depicted by a Fox, ‘Fox’ being her maiden name.
The flowers that encircle the illustration are drawn directly from the flora found within the grounds of the wedding venue.
They also represent the happy couple being surrounded by the love and best wishes from their close friends and family -
assembled all together to celebrate the joyous occasion.
Wedding Branding