Portfolio logo
At first i started brainstorming on what my logo should represent, and what people should ascociate it with when they look at it. I wanna put is as simple and timeless as possible, so i started out with pen and paper, and the "R" as my shape.
I quickly figured out that the simpler i get it , the more i liked it. So i continued simplifying the shapes. And after some time i saw the oppotunity to place the V, and the R in the whitespace, and still kepping the shape close to the looks of a ninja character pictured from the side, moving forward.
After i was satisfied with the shape i made the logo in Photoshop. Finally i made some minor adjustments in Illustrator, and vectorised the logo.
I kicked out some diffirent logo styles, to show the flexibility of a simple logo. Personally i will go for the black one.

- what logo style of the three above, do you think is the most awsome?
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