Trainera is a unique learning and development organization that brings world class learning solutions to your doorsteps.
trainera is a leading partner in Learning Solutions, Corporate Events and Material Development.
Since 2005 we have continuously grown in the KSA market and we are now beginning to reach out to neighboring markets in our efforts to become a leading regional learning and development organization. Thankfully, we have had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest companies in the region, and in some cases, we are one of their main training providers. 

We have achieved our success by partnering with some of the biggest names in the learning and development industry. Our partners are award-winning organizations. We are constantly studying the new trends in the industry in order to stay ahead of the curve and to ensure our stakeholders that they are getting the best quality possible.
Our partners are only half our success, we owe the rest of our success to the dedicated staff, and the talented learning facilitators we have created partnerships with. Without the dedication, the hard work and the sacrifices of our team we would not be the success that we are today.
we represent
“With a nifty set of world-wide and professional learning affiliations, we are able to cover
 the whole spectrum of the management and performance training.
Story Behind
Trainera chooses 14 elements to represent its values and the services it provides. 
it has been agreed between the client and myself that the fourteen elements be harmoniously
grouped in one icon that is awesome, unique, simple, and one of a kind.
Focal points
- Global
- Motion
- Negative Space consideration
- Shape Assosiation 

The Idea
Why a circle? 
A circle is known to be a symbol of the final value, that is Global. 
There are only 13 values inside the global icon. Moreover,  these shapes were not randomly or haphazardly done. All the values constituing the icon are meant to move clockwise.