TheraFace Mask - By Therabody

Industrial Design
For the past several years, Therabody has consistently leaned on DNGR to help produce world-class product animations and visuals for their entire suite of wellness devices. This production came with a unique set of challenges, ranging from an entirely new workflow for the studio, as well as grappling with the innate complexity of a device with so many tiny parts and nuanced details. The results speak for themselves, and very much a reflection of the landslide team effort that went into the film. Proudly introducing TheraFace Mask— Breakthrough FDA cleared LED skincare mask that delivers effective, full-face light therapy with added tension-relieving vibration therapy. Full screen, sound on: enjoy!



Creative Director:
Sloan Anderson | @sloan.elliot

Art Director:
Gonzalo Miranda | @gonzzzalo.m

Additional Art Direction:
Jesus Suarez | @j.ssuarez

Arran Bish | @arranjb

Dynamics, VFX:
Arman Beshkooh | 

Device CMF:
Nicolás Robertson | 

Spektral Studio | @spektralstudio

Sound Design:
Luca Poletto | 

Product Design:
Huge Design | 

TheraFace Mask - By Therabody