Spatial History of MoCAV / MSUV
The intervention maps all previous and unrealised locations of the Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, summing them in horizontally layered projection and making them accessible to visitors within the Museum’s present location. The part of gallery in which it takes place will undergo some architectonical changes and will be separated between the two museums that share the building. As such, it represents a peculiar space for investigating real, planned and latent spaces for MoCAV, the total history of its migrations and claims to the city, which it shares with other institutions, centres and collectives for contemporary art, social practices and new media. 

Through all traces of spatial history of MoCAV being overlapped at once, the visitors gain insight into those periods when MoCAV had no exhibition space of its own (18 years) or had one within the Sports and Business Centre Vojvodina (15 years), as well as those unrealized projections of MoCAV into other existing or to-be-built complexes. The only exhibited object as such is the book of entry and awarded projects for the new building in 2006. All these previous spaces of MoCAV are inscribed into its current space and they gain capacity to be “over written” by setting for round table, workshop or some other work meeting on the proposed themes, while the other spatial levels of the gallery leave other interventions to overlap and intersect with them. 

Currently, this building is not the only one where MoCAV is presenting the artworks. Since the end of 2013, still having no space for permanent exhibition and having its entire collection in the depots, MoCAV made an agreement with the management of the newly built Central building of the University of Novi Sad to place there parts of the collection. These exhibitions would be rotated and changed, so that the visitors to the Central UniNS building gain the insight into the most important representatives of contemporary art of the region.
The work is a response to Forum di Arte e Kultura Contamporanea’s open call for interventions in MoCAV, that took place from 30th June to 6th July. During the event, at the same place in MoCAV was performed "Small Brain Tour" by Radharani Pernarčič, Ana Kravanja and Samo Kutin

Photographs (c) Marko Ercegović (installation), S. J.

Thanks to Marko Ercegović, Ivana Korać and Luka Kulić

the location within the building
in relation to the ground floor
1967 – 1968: 1 within The Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection
1968 – 1969: 3 within the City Hall
1969 – present: 4 with space for depots at 21 Jevrejska Street (244m2). Meant to be temporary, but remained
                             ever since
July 2001- present: additional 6 at 37 Dunavska Street

1966/1969 – 1984: Gallery of Matica srpska, Dom JNA, Radnički univerzitet
              18 years without own space for exhibitions
1984 – 1996: Sports and Business Centre Vojvodina (600m2)
1996 – 1999: Sports and Business Centre Vojvodina (400 m2)  
                        15 years
1999 – June 2001: The Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU), Department in Novi Sad, while the        
              gallery is available for programs that are not organized by SANU
June 2001 – present: 37 Dunavska Street, shared with the Museum of Vojvodina, Section of Recent History (ex
             Museum of Revolution) that  focuses on period in-between the World Wars

Potential, proposed, unrealised locations
1992: Raletićeva palata
1993: Češki magacin
Project for MSUV at the Gallery Square, dia Silvia Kancenberger
1998: Executive council, Association of Novi Sad Architects and Association of Urban Planners in Vojvodina,
           made an open Yugoslav competition for the new MSUV building at the Gallery Square, but in 1999 was
           organized a public protest against its realization (initiated by ecology-related NGOs and employers of
           other cultural institutions at the Gallery Square)
           First prize: Snežana Božović, assistants Aleksa Jeftović, Aleksandar Vesnić and Goran Ristić / Second
           prize: Aleksandar Milojković, Mirjana Basović, Zoran Čemerikić / Third prize: Ivan Beljanski / Acquisition
           prize: Milan Matović, co-worker Svetlana Matović
2006: old industrial area “China Town”
Potential and unrealised locations of MoCAV: (i) Gallery Square, the winning project by Snežana Božović, 
with assistants Aleksa Jeftović, Aleksandar Vesnić and Goran Ristić, (ii) China town, (iii) Gallery Square today, 
(iv) Češki magacin and (v) Raletić Palace.
Map of MoCAV, including potential and unrealised locations
                                                                                                                The timeline, a sketch
                                                                       Recent changes: the gallery where the intervention took place, January 2015
Spatial History of MoCAV / MSUV

Spatial History of MoCAV / MSUV

The work is a response to Forum di Arte e Kultura Contamporanea’s open call for interventions in MoCAV, that took place from 30th June to 6th Jul Read More