Brand Story

In the world of modern finance, Payvox emerges as a beacon of empowerment and innovation. Driven by a customer-centric approach, the brand amplifies users' financial voices, providing solutions that unlock their true potential. With unwavering commitment to transparency and trust, Payvox creates a harmonious symphony of growth, connecting individuals to their dreams and aspirations.

As a dynamic FinTech platform, Payvox empowers users to make informed decisions in different currencies, fostering a supportive community where financial success knows no boundaries. Through cutting-edge technology, Payvox envisions a future where everyone can thrive and prosper.

Brand Name

The brand name "Payvox" is a fusion of "pay" and "vox" (voice), thoughtfully chosen to capture its core values and mission. "Pay" represents its focus on financial transactions and solutions, reflecting its role as a reliable and dynamic FinTech platform that empowers users in their financial journeys. On the other hand, "vox" emphasizes Payvox's commitment to giving users the voice, confidence and control to make informed financial decisions and amplify their aspirations.

Brand Personality

The personality of Payvox is the heartbeat that infuses life into every interaction. Beyond transactions and numbers, Payvox carries a distinctive character, an embodiment of trust, reliability and innovation. Payvox is more than a financial platform; it's a companion in the journey of users, amplifying their financial voice.


Core Values

At the heart of Payvox, the brand holds three values close – trust, growth and reliability. Trust is the bedrock, the promise that every interaction is built upon, creating a relationship rooted in transparency. Growth is Payvox's heartbeat, pushing users forward, nurturing dreams and unlocking paths to financial success. Reliability is the guiding light, ensuring that promises are more than just words; they're commitments the brand stands by.

Together, these values form the soul of Payvox, transforming the brand into a partner in users' financial journey, where trust is earned, dreams thrive and every promise is a commitment kept.

Brand Logo

The Payvox logo draws inspiration from the human lips, creatively crafted into a vector shape, representing the essence of speech and voice. The three duplicated lips, aligned horizontally, symbolize the brand's focus on empowering users to speak up and make their financial voices heard. As the lips progress from the first to the third, the size increase signifies the brand's commitment to substantial growth and progress. The brand assures the users of their commitment to empower their financial voice and drive growth in a user-friendly and supportive community.

Amplify Your Financial Voice

The brand’s User Selling Point (USP) revolves around empowering individuals to take charge of their financial journey. "Amplify Your Financial Voice" is at the heart of the brand’s commitment, ensuring that users gain the tools and confidence to make informed decisions and achieve their financial aspirations. The brand emphasizes providing users with a great experience, where their financial voice is heard and amplified.


Payvox's colour palette, featuring primary colours of black and white, embraces a touch of elegance and simplicity. Black exudes a sense of sophisication and clarity, signifying the brand’s commitment to being a dependable partner in user’s financial journey. Meanwhile, white symbolizes honesty and openness, reflecting Payvox’s dedication to transparent communication and genuine support.

A palette of secondary colours has been strategically selected to communicate the brand's essence and resonate with its core message. Together, these colours create a modern and empowering visual identity, ensuring users feel confident and empowered while using Payvox.


With clean lines and a modern aesthetic, the typography effectively communicates Payvox's commitment to clarity in financial interactions. The choice of typeface not only enhances readability but also adds a touch of contemporary elegance, ensuring that every word communicates the brand's essence with clarity and style.

Visual Elements

Within the lively visual narrative of Payvox, currency symbols, 'vox' boxes and carefully crafted pattern converge to articulate the brand's message to users. These visual elements harmonize to create a dynamic language, defining the distinctive visual style of the brand.

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Payvox | Branding

Payvox | Branding

A fintech brand that empowers users to navigate global finance seamlessly and amplify their financial voice with confidence.