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Photoshoot For Restaurant Rtveli

Photoshoot for Rtveli Restaurant, Authentic Georgian cuisine

Our challenge: To capture the inviting atmosphere and delectable dishes of Rtveli Restaurant. 

About Client:

Before you step into the welcoming embrace of "Rtveli," let us share a glimpse of the story.

Inspired by the rich harvest from our family's vineyard and the delectable Kakhetian cuisine, a new generation nurtured in the spirit of hospitality set out to bring our childhood flavors to your plate. Our journey is rooted in the cherished recipes passed down through generations.
Throughout the years, we've explored new variations while safeguarding the ancient, timeless tastes of past centuries. We're confident that the blend of tradition and innovation will delight your senses."

Embark on a culinary adventure at Rtveli, where every dish is a taste of Georgia's rich heritage.

Experience the joy of shared moments and lasting memories at Rtveli Restaurant.

Photoshoot organized by Brand Rabbit Agency, featuring the creative talents of
Meko Mosiashvili, Anna Goguadze, and Sopo Kikilashvili.

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Photoshoot For Restaurant Rtveli


Photoshoot For Restaurant Rtveli


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