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    Ga-nime Project by TOEI ANIMATION Co.,Ltd.
Joseito (a school girl)

2006 / Japan / Color / HDCAM / 24min
Directed by Oku Shutaro
Original story : Osamu Dazai
Artwork : Tadashi Gozu
Music : Mako Kuwabara

“Joseito” is an animated version of the timeless novel “Joseito” about a young girl (English title: “A School Girl”), by Osamu Dazai (1909 –1948).
The great Japanese writer Yasunari Kawabata praised the young heroine of “Joseito,” calling her, “sweet, appealing and noble.”
“Joseito” was a medium-length novel of Osamu Dazai’s middle period (published in 1939) and was written as a monologue following the experiences of the heroine one summer’s day (from waking up in the morning, to going to school, until she sleeps). The flow of the young heroine’s emotions, her moods, her impatience and her dual awe and hate of adults is eccentric and makes her accessible to young girls living in modern Shibuya and Shinjuku. Her endless monologues are scattered with popular words of the time, similar to the way in which young girls speak now.

Director Oku Shutaro cast art director Gozu Tadashi’s original character JaPaGa (=Japan girl) as the School Girl in his animated adaptation of the novel. The heroine, as played by JaPaGa, lives up to the concept of “a model 21st century girl – a mixture of the composition of Utamaro and the sweetness of the illustrations of Junichi Nakahara” and her portrayal of a School Girl from 70 years ago is composed. The contrast between the emotion of the monologues and the lack of movement in the girl’s expression creates a unique and modern coolness.