Taiwan Design Expo 2023


Taiwan Design Expo 2023 - "CIRCLE UP"
Visual Identity

Taiwan Design Expo '²³ - "CIRCLE UP"
Exhibition Visual Identity

Client: TDRI
Production: UltraCombos
Art Director: Ting-An Ho (murmuring all the time)
Creative Director: Jay Tseng
Technical Director: TK Chen (Unity ftw)
Project Manager: Prolong Lai (answer all of the phones)
Typeface: Kathleen Hsiao (doing all the stuff), Ting-An Ho (walking around and stuff)
Kinetic Pictogram: Ting-An Ho (motion so hard)
PV: Ting-An Ho, Hauzhen Yen, Glenn Huang, Liwei Chang, Kathleen Hsiao (They are bosses)
Marketing & Creative Planner: Alltheway Creative (u guys. u guys just. wow.)
Sound Design: Triodust (spin that city)
Sign System Supporting: Wooyoo Design
Landscape Photography: Yi-Hsien Lee, Bole Studio
Stationary Photography: River Chen
Year: 2023

Taiwan Design Expo 2023