MOVI XR Eyewear Concept

In a nano-divided society, the movie industry is facing a gap in the form of theaters and OTT platforms. While theaters offer a high level of viewing immersion, there are many opportunity cost disadvantages, such as high ticket prices and many variables to consider. 

However, OTT platforms offer less immersive viewing than theaters, they also offer the convenience of easy access. Especially in the post-corona era, people want to do more at home, and OTT platforms are becoming more popular.

MOVI is a XR eyewear device that started with the idea that it could be an inflection point in the space between the theathers and OTT Platforms.

Watching video content in VR is a fixed field of view and movement, and doesn't require complex graphics implementations, eliminating the need for heavy headbands, processors, and sensors. The result is a lightweight eyewear that's designed to be worn at home, on the plane, or anywhere else.​​​​​​​

The Lenslet Array

VR devices are heavy and bulky. This is because of the focal length between the display and the optical lens and the eye relief distance between the eye and the eyepiece. As a result, conventional VR devices have a focal length of about 30 to 50 millimeters.

The physical size of the device can be significantly reduced by reducing the focal length and eye relief distance by applying a type of lens called a Lenslet Array.
Lenslet Array is a two-dimensional array of about 20,000 small lenses arranged in parallel.
In addition, T OLED (Transparent organic light-emitting diode) is used to physically make the wearer's eyes look outward, making the XR concept more like real eyewear.

Designed by Woojin Jang @woojinjid1 of 297office
2023. 10​​​​​​​

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MOVI is brand-new XR eyewear concept. It is designed as a eyewear type by removing the heavy headband, processor, and sensors. In addition, Lensl Read More