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    New ice cream shop in Belgrade, Serbia! GELATO FREDDO
Object: Gelato Freddo
City/Country: Belgrade, Serbia
Type of interior: ice cream shop
Area: 40 m2
Year of realization: 2014
Authors: Studio Architehna, Belgrade, Serbia
Dejan Milošević, interior designer
Marko Randjelović, architect
Vladimir Paripovic, architect
Visual identity: Vladimir Paripović, architect
Studio Architehna, Belgrade, Serbia
Costume design: Serena Lanji
Photos: Marko Randjelović i Vladimir Paripović
Studio Architehna
In the heart of Senjak, one of the most beautiful parts of Belgrade, a beautiful Scandinavian story started. The new ice cream shop GELATO FREDDO is opened as a result of successful cooperation between the authors and the client.
GELATO FREDDO Senjak is the first  of the new ice cream shop chain and it brings exclusively Italian taste and aromas to our market.
Total design, from interior design to details, from lighting to the visual identity, is entrusted to the proven team studio ARCHITEHNA from Belgrade, Serbia. These authors are Dejan Milosevic (interior designer), Marko Randjelovic (architect) and Vladimir Paripovic (architect). Client lived in Scandinavia and the idea came from Scandinavian interiors: wood, light space and minimalism. Authors started with the concept using natural wood mixed with colors and lighting.
One space, two zones: working part with the showcases for ice cream and cakes and the seating area. The working part is fitted with the showcases from the latest technologies. Mobile showcases can be moved depending on the season: to the window (summer) or to the indoor (winter). The seating area is one specially designed element as the wall with console massive wood tables. The wall is also lined with massive with designed "sketch" of thin wire, inspired by the Italian urban cityscape.
Icece cream elements and colors are applied through the details of the floor and 4 "custom made" pendants. The floor is made out ​​of the printed vinyl in brown, pink, purple and blue. The printed colored stripes combine the horizontal part with the wall. The basic color of visual identity (logo) is blue and this color is repeated through the one of the dominant pendants which is positioned in the center of the space  above the showcases. These four pendants are highlighted by the four vivid colors.
Interior ceiling made of massive wood goes out to the exterior ceiling and the whole ceiling is filled with the lighting lines.
Aestethics and final fitting are the main characteristics of the interior.