Geek Out With Emma
  Hiring promotion for development & UX positions
Since the Emma application was developed using open source code, it's essential for the development team to be engaged with the local tech community in Portland and Nashville. With a few industry events coming up, we wanted to create an actionable marketing piece that would let developers know that Emma is hiring and to check out the Emma's new tech blog, authored by our development staff.
Since the message was an ongoing call for employment, it seemed wasteful and unimaginative to just create a postcard people would toss out immediately. Knowing that designers and developers love to tag their computers and notebooks with cool stickers, I appropriated creative from our online hiring ad and created a fun sticker that folks would be drawn to (and keep around).
And to help spread the word, I had the cards printed two-up and perforated next to a message asking recipients to "share with a friend."