CLIP UI – Bootstrap Skin
Clip can be used on any site built or to be built with the Bootstrap framework. With easy installation, just dropping the skin files in your project folders. This skin is based on a flat style with more spaced components. Contains some JS plugins to bring nice animations to your projects.

There is no special files to include or customize. The UI is based on cards concept, a design trend that divides the content into individual components. The concept is to include just the necessary information into single pieces instead of showing many pages. This concept is ideal for mobile websites and, since Bootstrap 3 is now mobile first, everything fits to provide the best user experience.
Preview Codex.
Standard Features
Responsive for any devices. work with any screen resolution from smart-phone, tablet or screen monitor.
Compatibility with the latest versions of modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and oldies like IE8+
Framework Mobile First:
Grid and components designed for mobiles with progressive enhancement for larger devices
Delicons (Icons):
Delicons provides you a set of 300 different icons with a resolution independent quality.
JQuery Plugins:
JQuery plugins for modern web application. Separated extended file from Bootstrap core. All examples work.
Color Swatches:
10+ colors make your projects look great. It’s can use with buttons, nav, dropdown, panel, alerts, badge and more.
Delicons icons included.
Extended list Features
Bootstrap 3.1.1 - Exclusive UI Kit - Theme colors ready to use - Retina Ready Icons by Delicons - Font Aileron thin, regular and bold - Flat styled UI elements - Improved components with CSS3 transitions - Better checkbox & radio - UI Elements (button, navbars, paginations, breadcrumbs, switches, etc.) - Responsive HTML5 - Pure CSS3 components - 1 Onepage site preview - Codex and Startex page included. ...Everything running
Thank you very much for reading!
CLIP UI - Bootstrap Skin