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    A new town centre on Melbourne's northern fringe that seeks to draw lessons from the city into the suburban environment.
Craigieburn Central is the first stage of an ambitious plan to create a contemporary town centre on Melbourne’s outer northern fringe. Departing from the typical monolithic retail centre, the site is twice bisected by a main street and a pedestrian laneway. 
The pedestrian laneway (The Highwalk) introduces a scale and space rarely encountered outside the city centre. From here, the connected dining hall evokes an imagined history with reclaimed materials and repurposed signage. At the centre of the main street and laneway is a new urban square that has already become a meeting point for the expanding community.
Architecture, interior design and graphic design were conceived as essential supporting disciplines from the inception of this project. Each quadrant of the centre has a specific character defined by a combination of spatially manipulated volumes, natural daylight, intense colour and graphic motifs that serve as non-formal wayfinding markers. 
The Highwalk draws in pedestrians with the use of bold colour and graphics that reflect the language of road signage and urban graffiti. Installations such as packaged boxes of blue sky and architectural glow worms that come out at night further reflect the wonder of exploration in Melbourne’s laneways.