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    Marvel Ghost Rider and its motorbike - Lego Ideas project
Lego allows every fan to become a real lego new set creator.
10 000 supporters qualifies a project for reviews, so please come and support mine!
My Lego Ideas project
My idea was to make the whole character / motorcycle at the scale of a minifig, in order to enroll in the universe and the Lego city Lego of my 7 years old son.
My priorities were:
- Achieve a model faithful to the original fantastic imagery created by Marvel with an impressive chopper motorcycle, looking like monstrous, with a strong sense of power,
- Create a model with a strong gameplay with a solid model, which does not disassemble all the time, but also stable that can remain upright and not fall over when it is stopped (which is often the problems with motorcycles),
- Only use parts off and already in our Lego collection and rack my brain to avoid calling in Pick-a-brick orders. This for two reasons: first, economic - the second because my son really wanted to have very quickly ;)  The design is made ​​in "the traditional way" without Digital Designer and based on Marvel images sourced on the internet for the aesthetic part.
Please come and vote for my project following this link !!! :
Thanks to commenters advices, I added an enemy to my Ghost Rider : The Super Villain Jack O'Lantern
Jack O'Lantern is is shown flying on The goblin glider or on a kind of Flying broomstick. 
It is this last option that I have chosen, so it can be used as a means of locomotion, or as a weapon.
Original Project
The Super Villain Jack O'Lantern 
Minifigure head & torso design 
Fire specific piece design
Alternative version with "Inferno's" fire head piece - Gradation of colors from clear to orange