CTravel is a travel management app for iPad, designed to enable workers on business trips to more efficiently plan, edit, and manage their entire itinerary all from within the app. The user is able to request taxi/car service, edit hotel reservations, plant tickets, and even schedule meetings from this hub, which also has a messaging system, and email syncing capabilities. 
As a nice, added touch, and to subtely and tastefully align with the "travel" theme, each background is actually a heavily blurred picture of whichever city the user traveled to last. 
The user is able to view their entire itinerary for the day. I believe in continuity and the access to more information in the least amount of taps, so if the user scrolls left or right, they can see their itinerary for the next and previous day. 
Tapping on an event opens up a detailed view of that event. In this case, the user has tapped on the car service them to the airport. From this view, the user can see with whom the car was booked, an animated map, and even information on their driver. 
On this view, the user can get information on the best route from the airport to their hotel and also a top-level view of their hotel reservation. 
In Opportunity view, the user is able to see contacts/opportunities in their area. 
The user can then request a meeting with a contact
Using the messaging feature, the user gets a confirmation from the contact and the event is automatically added to the itinerary and synced to google calendar. 
Once a new item is added, it is tagged with a NEW icon, and the user must tap on it to "accept" that it is added to their itinerary.