Student Interchange Center University of Kitakyushu
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    This project was executed by Takao Akagawa Laboratory of University of Kitakyushu, Department of Architectural Design

University of Kitakyushu
This project initiated as a project to compensate for the dysfunction of the two buildings aligned side by side with an open space in between, to create a space where students can gather informally to chat, study or eat with fellow students, and to be used for small seminars in a more informal manner. This self-evident activity to commune with one another was not very active since the existing old buildings did not accommodate spaces for student interaction. It is clear that current function of Universities has transformed from a place to give one way lectures to providing mutual learning experience by students, and an Environment of informal and autonomous contact has never been so important.
This intervention is a way to incrementally compensate the original built environment for Sustainable University environment, rather than re-building a new campus.
In order to create a space where students can actively get together and communicate, a design methodology used in Japanes tea houses were incorporated along with the Idea of  “Setting” used by Amos Rapoport and the idea that space provides “Affordance” (J.J.Gibson) to the user of the space, has been explored.