Egytopia is a project based on stories beneath the faces of egyptians since the origins of Egypt's ancient civilization
Until now, as we believe that a picture can describe 1000 words, the best illustrators  in Egypt have made a rendez-vous to deliever artworks that best desribes the tales behind the people throughout the ages.

More than 20 artists contribute to this project each with a significant style than the other, to visualize the beauty 
of the Egyptian civilization through out the ages, along with a decorated arabic typography to tell the name of the character.

Every 2 artists were assigned to draw the same character, and the results were wonderful, the variation in illustrating those characters tells how every artist see the character in his own state of mind and view, and we will let you be the judge of that. 

Note : Click on the Images to enlarge it.
Pure hearts of the south, Nuba are best descirbed as simple people, who enjoy harmony with both nature and society, they are often in very good physique and dress in special accessories and men train hard as life can be cruel in the south.
Isis was once considered the shelter of all those who were condemned and forbidden by the ancient Egyptian society, she was well known for her magic, It was rumored that her tears made the Nile flood as she wept over Osiris Death.
Due to the harsh and poor background of Eid's family, he was forced to work at a young age to provide food and support for his mother and younger sister since his father passed away, Eid is no longer an innocent child living a normal life, yet he's an adult within a little boy's body, with innocence lost along the trip.
Metawe' is by far the most experienced taxi driver you'll ever meet, or so he thinks, he knows everything and he has adventures everywhere in the world, or he claims to be, most of his clients never took him seriously, for their own good, you don't want a guy who knows everthing to give you advice right? what's fun in that, you should explore for yourself, for your own sake!
An ever giving mother, Just her presence is heart warming, Om Ashraf has embraced motherhood since she could ever remember, she's well known to be caring and humble, and she can't withstand the tyranny of time upon any of her lads. if you are in trouble or want to shake off your misery, Om Ashraf is the right person to talk to, her voice is soothing and her spirit is beautiful, a pure heart of gold
The S'eedy villagers are known to be strict in there tradtions and daily routine, they are righteous and they bestow order upon others, although there are many conflicts where they live, regarding vendetta and family businesses, they keep everyone out of harm's way, they are also known for their funny jokes.